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Manejo De Dinero En Efectivo

Cash Management Solutions

Flexible Options for Managing your Cash

Helping you to get the most from your cash

Choose from Coral Gables Trust Company's broad range of cash management products designed to meet the needs of today's sophisticated global investors.

Get More From Your Cash

Whether you require the flexibility and liquidity of our money market manager options, the security and competitiveness of fixed term deposits, or a combination. Coral Gables Trust Company will partner with you to find the right solution.

Interest Bearing Accounts

Earn competitive rate of return on your cash balances while having the flexibility to access your funds at short notice for your purposes.

  • Receive interest by default on the entire cash balance, even if funds are left idle in your account.
  • Enjoy full liquidity.
  • Enjoy ease administration.

Fixed Term Deposits

If you plan to hold a significant un-invested cash position for a set period, a fix term deposit product could be your optimum solution. Enjoy highly competitive fixed interest rates.


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