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CGT Kicks Off Women & Wealth Seminar Series

New local Series Empowers Women on Investing and Building Wealth 
Coral Gables Trust Company Kicks Off Women & Wealth Seminar Series 
Deborah Davidson, Symeria Hudson and Christine Galliano
MAY 2019 
While women continue to graduate college at a greater percentage, they still lag behind their male counterparts in financial acumen, especially when it comes to saving and investing.
This is the driving force behind Coral Gables Trust Company's (CGTC) Women & Wealth Seminar Series, a local initiative designed to empower South Florida women by building financial confidence and wealth strategies.
"While many woman have already established a path to building wealth, we want to provide a platform where goal-oriented and like-minded women can share experiences and obtain the information they need to further establish their financial independence, build confidence and advance their individual wealth strategies," said Deborah Davidson, who is jointly leading the initiative along with Christine Galliano on behalf of CGTC. "The time is ripe. Research shows that only about 25 percent of women take control of financial and retirement planning and we want to do our part to change that paradigm."
On Thursday, October 24th, Coral Gables Trust kicked off its first private luncheon of the series - Women & Money: What Sets Us Apart - at the Firm's Coral Gables office. Seasoned corporate executive, Symeria T. Hudson, a graduate of Harvard Business School, served as the guest speaker. As President and CEO of Chapman Partnership, Hudson spearheads the organization's fundraising and revenue generation strategy. Prior to joining Chapman Partnership, she served as president of Global Franchises and Innovation for ConvaTec, PLC, a $1.8 billion international medical products and technologies company.
Hudson spoke to guests about knowing your value and how self-worth can impact your net worth; sharing a personal story of her journey to build confidence in herself and how it was critical to her success and happiness.
"Women have left $2 million on the table because of fear of negotiating while men are also four times more likely to ask for a raise," said Hudson. "We need to start quantifying our value, commanding what we deserve and not feeling bad about it. Women are very critical of themselves, and the way we feel, impacts everything else. We need to remove the fear by accepting it and powering through it."
According to research conducted by Coral Gables Trust - the largest independent and privately held trust company headquartered in South Florida - American women, despite their rising workforce participation and escalating income, still have major gaps and unmet needs when it comes to achieving comfort and confidence with money. The Firm's research also shows that despite their growing economic power and influence, women continue to be poorly served by the financial industry, which, as a whole, is still perceived as being oriented more toward serving men.
Through a series of special events and educational seminars, the Women & Wealth Seminar Series aims to deliver financial and investment insight on topics specifically of interest to women in achieving their short and long-term financial goals. The series will feature expert guest speakers from the financial industry as well as successful and leading women. Topics outlined include family and estate planning, retirement planning, caring for your elder parents, educating your children about financial matters, smart investments, philanthropy, and building your financial confidence.
"Through this initiative, we will uncover some of the pillars that assist women in maxing out their true financial potential," said Eileen Santana, Senior Vice President at Coral Gables Trust. "As women, we need to support each other to achieve our financial goals and become the ultimate version of ourselves."
For more information on the Women & Wealth Seminar Series, please call Christine Galliano at (786) 497-1212, ext: 131.
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